a sense of place

I’m just back from 5 days on Tiree, and haven’t quite settled back down to earth.  Already, I’m planning how to get back there.

Generally, the West coast of Scotland and the Hebrides get me like this.  It’s quite visceral- the wide horizons, the peace, the scent of the wind just pull me in, every time.

Tiree had endless miles of springy  machair (that’s one of my all time  favourite words, although I’m still not sure I know how to pronounce it, answers on a postcard, please!) leading down to white sandy beaches.  There are stormy days, sure (oh, how the wind blew this year), but then the sun comes out and you see the colours- shades of sea and sky which occur nowhere else.  I dream of yarn in those colours, and what I would make.

Every year, I go back.  Every year, I have to tear myself away again; I stand at the rail of the Calmac ferry, crying into the wind and telling myself that one day I’ll find a way to live there.

What are the places you’ve visited which you can’t quite leave behind?



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4 responses to “a sense of place

  1. Hi Nicola, what great pictures! I know what you mean about places – for me it still is the Lake District I guess, though I have been surprised at how much I adore living in Dorset. Really feel at home here which I never quite managed in the Peaks for some reason. Pete and I have always had itchy feet after a few years but we’ve been here five now and no sign of fed-up-ness at all.

  2. Gnome

    What super pictures! I know what you mean about the visceral reaction. I’m still homesick for Borth (on the coast of Wales) the endless sky and sea and bleak beauty and loneliness and mountains. Four years on and I still can’t go back for it won’t be the same. Perhaps I never will.

  3. The Alps. I don’t care whether they’re in France, Germany or Austria, I’d happily spend every summer of my life there. I don’t think I’m quite brave enough to spend the winters there, mind!

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