more from Tiree

There was one evening in particular which I won’t forget.  The mist had come down until we couldn’t see beyond the garden.  I went out anyway.  I was restless; worrying about a friend at home, who was waiting for news.  She tried to hide it, but she was afraid; I was afraid for her.  Sometimes there is no magic wand to make it all better.  All I could do was think of her.  I thought so hard it should have been tangible.  But it didn’t feel like enough.  Then the sun emerged, burning through the clouds.  We paddled in the freezing waves.  I picked out the most perfect pebbles to take back to her.  Pebbles to speak for me if I ran out of words.  To say: I stood on the beach on Tiree, and wished that all could be well for you.  She’s still waiting for news.  Waiting is hard.




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  1. How lovely to bring home pebbles…just the thing.

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