so now I actually have to think of something to blog about

Things I really should have been doing today:

attacking the post-holiday laundry mountain

writing summative assessments which nobody will ever read on small children

I lacked enthusiasm.  So I decided to get rid of should, at least for today.

I’ve been pondering a new blog for a while.  Somewhere to publish writing and photographs, to rant and moan, and generally keep in touch with my friends-who-live-in-my-computer.  Livejournal seems to have died a death; Facebook has its place, but I don’t feel the love; and I’m really not sure I’m the twittering sort.

I played about to find a name that was available.

All the serendipity variants were taken.  Obviously serendipity is too popular.

Turas is my Word of the Week, which I learnt on Tiree.  It’s Gaelic for a journey, but as The Nice Artist Man In The Gallery said, “It has a suggestion of purpose or pilgrimage.”  Well, I liked that idea, and it stayed with me.

I also liked An Turas, the tunnel/ shelter/ conceptual artwork by the ferry terminal at Scarinish.

an turas


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