South Head

I dreamed last night she’d heard at last, and come round to tell me…  at which point I woke up, without knowing if it was good news or bad. There are times when knowing that it’s all a dream isn’t enough to get it out of your head.  Not at 3am.  This morning I had a very bad case of the Mondays.  I like my job, really I do, but there are days when it feels like a prison sentence and I urge the clock on to 12.30 when I can be free…

So I went up South Head.  I must have done this walk fifty times since I ground to a complete halt in January.  There were weeks when I went up there again and again, exactly the same walk each day.  I could cope with that, get myself out of the house and do it when I was too far gone to go anywhere different.

I’m a lazy bugger.  I tend to drive up to Peep O’Day, which cuts out a lot of the climb.  It also means it fits in nicely between after-work lunch and end of school.   Today Maynestone Road was being tar-sprayed so I had to park in the layby and walk an extra couple of hundred metres.  I was quite put out.  Also, someone put cows on the path since I was last up there.  Cows make me uneasy, but I was brave.

Of course, it never is the same walk twice.  Seasons change, rain falls (although not much this year, the ground is scarily dry), winds blow.  Only rarely do I meet another person up there.

Sometimes hills are the best therapy.


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