set in stone

Remember the stones earlier?

This is a Guide Stoop.  Each face marks the way to a market town.  This shows the “Sheiffeild Rode”.

This is its companion stone.  Cos stones need friends too.

The companion stone has a pome carved on it.

Come bye

Look back

Take time

Walk on

I’d walked by these stones many times and not realised the connection between them, but T told me about Companion Stones

(Huzzah, HTML fail solved, thanks to Anne!)

I love the idea of scattering poems over the moors.  I do not love the description of it as, “A dialogue between artists and audiences, a mediation between past, present and future priorities.”  Why do people write such total bollocks about Arts projects?  I find it incredibly offputting.  It’s poems.  Carved on stones.  On the moors.  Surely that is cool enough for anyone?

I was wowed by fridge poetry too earlier.  But too diffident to ask if I could take a photo to blog it.   I need a spy camera hidden about my person…



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4 responses to “set in stone

  1. dawn

    I am so enjoying your posts and just looking at your picture at the top makes me feel calm and serene – thankyou

  2. Know what you mean about what they write about art, Nicola. Commenting on art is an oxyoron in my opinion – the point of art is how it makes you feel, and sharing that just makes it more effective, so thank you.
    Your html for the link should look something like the text you want to appear. I have no idea if that will actually appear clearly or if wordpress will try to interpret it as a link, but here’s hoping!

  3. OK, WordPress did try to turn it into a link. Hmm – sorry, the link won’t go anywhere! Will try sending you a message instead.

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