stones, sky and water

I spent today tripping along in a blissfully happy hippy manner, grinning to myself and singing (don’t worry, I stopped short of skipping, I wasn’t quite that far gone.)

We went to Higger Tor.

There were stones.  

Stones that just happened…


…and stones that were made. More on these in  another post, because it turned out to be really fascinating.




Water under the bridge…


Rhododendrons. I know they’re an imported pest, and the National Trust is waging war, but honestly, is there a more perfect colour combination than rhododendron against June sky?



There were the odd clouds in the sky, but they didn’t dare to rain more than a couple of drops during our lunch break. We sat there for a long time looking and talking (about anxiety levels- I was tempted to graph mine, it would have looked like a ski jump, these last few days…) and just being. So long, in fact, that we realised it was two o’clock and we were going to have to march rather quickly back to the car to be in time for school.

A day to remember.



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3 responses to “stones, sky and water

  1. Derrick

    A lovely day in Derbyshire by the sounds of it Nicola..really sounds like u have been through the mill of late! Glad u r in better spirits. All the best to u and yours xxx

  2. Glad you got the beautiful day you both needed and deserved.

  3. Heather

    I love rhododendrons. I don’t care if they are a pest they are beautiful. I love the rows and rows of them in Cornwall too.

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