inspirations II (and frustrations)

You remember how I wanted to knit Scotland?  Those colours…

So I sorted out a small pile of yarn.

I knitted this on Friday night whilst drinking a very welcome G & T and Not Doing Files.

I like the colours. I’m not entirely sure that my technique of “Look at a photo and knit what you think you see” worked.

I wondered about other ways.

I tried pixellating Tiree.

Theoretically, I could knit that, if I found a big enough pile of colours, but I’m not sure if that’s the answer either.  I think maybe I’m trying too hard.

So then I took the idea of pixellation to its logical conclusion and knitted up this (inbetween Doing More Files- see how conscientious I was?  It’s lucky it poured all afternoon…)

(Why, yes, that is my bathroom. It’s the whitest brightest space I could find for photos right now. Only not very light. May the sun shine soon, if only for the sake of photography…)

I have plans-which-I-can’t-work-out-how-to-execute for a knitted Tiree tryptych going round my head.  This may account for my more than usually vacant expression…



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3 responses to “inspirations II (and frustrations)

  1. I like both those, they are quite different approaches and each works in their own way. I know what you mean about the problem of trying to represent things in your knitting, I have the same issue with felt, a whole head full of ideas, but still working out how I can make them work, esp at my current skill level. Good thing experimentation is fun isn’t isn’t it.

  2. On a similar but rather different note have you seen the V&A’s patchwork pattern design app on their website? You find a photo, upload it, click process and it created a pattern…

  3. Liz

    I particularly like the top one 🙂

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