formative and summative

Preschool this morning was mostly about slugs, snails, volcanoes, glitter and the frog that goes oopsladedadeda. We rolled down grassy slopes and lay back and looked at clouds-on-blue-sky.

So why do these interminable assessment files piled on my kitchen table convey nothing of this joy and enthusiasm? Why am I blogging instead of working? Why do I devote far more time and energy to pondering the best way to knit a sunset than to the highlighting of early learning goals? Where did it all go so terribly tediously wrong?



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8 responses to “formative and summative

  1. If you are thinking more of knitting sunsets than early learning goals then I’d suggest that you have it right, not wrong. The dreadful paperwork is not the joy of your job, it is just the toilet cleaning bit. (if that makes sense). Of course there is far too much of it, and far too much beurocracy. Which I can’t spell.

  2. dawn

    my toilet needs cleaning….


  3. Heather

    Because working with small children is fun and exciting. Paperwork is tdious and really contributes bugger all to their learning so says the former DfE girl…

  4. Neil

    That looks a far healthier slug than the one that lives in our front room!

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