Just remember to breathe

(This is possibly the only useful advice I have been given for surviving camp.)

I have no words for just how much I do not feel able to cope with the next two days.

I really wish I’d listened to everyone who told me it was OK not to do it this year.

And yes, you may remind me I said this if I’m ever deranged enough to contemplate another camp…



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5 responses to “Just remember to breathe

  1. dawn

    Will be thinking of you!

    Not much consolation I know, but just think of it as something that has to be got through in order for next weekend to happen.

    big hugs and lots of positive vibes x

  2. Was coming to say exactly the same as Dawn.

  3. GOOD LUCK Nicola – hope it all goes well. Hope you have someone to ring if at the end of your tether, if not and I can get a message to you with my phone no let me know.

  4. cara

    I’ll be thinking of you too. You could ring me just to scream if you need to. Take care of youself and I hope everything goes ok

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