We survived camp.

In fact, we had a fantastic time, with 22 girls who were (mostly) a joy and a delight. Once the parents and paperwork had vanished from the scene on Friday night, it all got a lot more dealable with.
Despite the dire forecast, there were many moments of blue sky.


We decorated trees (there’s something gloriously midsummery green mannish about these, no?)



We are women; we make fire.  Yes, yes we do, dammit.  Even when the wood is all soaked and Scout leaders show little faith.

Fabulous lanterns strung from trees.

Here at 1st Chinley Guides, we believe in maintaining proper standards at all times, so there’s always ice and lemon for those six o’clock G&Ts…

Not a tardis, but a toilet tent. There’s a long story behind that too, which I may get around to telling you one day…



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3 responses to “surviving

  1. I knew it would all be ok, I think the dread and risk assesing makes it a whole lot worse as you now expect the worse to happen!!

    Well done, the memories you have now made will be life long for those young women/girls.

    Bottoms up!!

  2. Heather

    I love the lanterns.

    Does the toilet tent stem from the mad woman you talked about in Tirol. Cos I hope there were nice flush loos.

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