In an act of absolute selfishness, I decided what we were doing at preschool this morning was photography. I love how small children use cameras. Some of the most frank and real portraits I’ve ever seen were taken by an autistic three year old- she saw objects, not subjects. Sure, there’s a steep learning curve- pictures of your own fingers, Impressionistic camera shake, wonky horizons- but the results reveal the detail which that child is focussed on. The world really does look different from down there.



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2 responses to “focus

  1. One of the joys of modern technology is that pre-school children can have and use cameras – and do so very successfully. Some of the best pictures of my father’s 80th birthday celebrations were taken by the (then) small children who were allowed to play with their parents’ cameras and camera-phones!

  2. Sometimes the shaken and blurry and oddly framed are the most expressive. Love these.

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