a is for anarchism

Aspects of work today were so unremittingly grim (I went home, couldn’t get it out of my head, phoned a friend, told her, said I Was Fine, Really, put the phone down, realised I wasn’t all right at all, failed entirely to focus on the paperwork pile of doom which needs to be finished tonight, actually contemplated knitting up a quick prototype signal flag to wave in the playground, still can’t get one particular image out of my head…) that I’m determinedly blogging the positive as a distraction.

I’ve been guerrilla gardening again, with my crack squad of three year old activists.  To protect the innocent, I obviously cannot reveal any identities (we are thinking of wearing balaclavas and camouflage for our next outing, as my accomplices have to be in bed before dark.)

Before we began there was this sight of dismal neglect setting the tone outside the main entrance.  Welcome to Chinley school…

But with some stealthy hard graft from my cell…

…we had accomplished great things by snack time.

Jings, who could have done this, right outside my window? Tomatoes, beans and carrots, all appeared by magic. (If you don’t ask permission, nobody can tell you no…)

What’s the best way to clean off carrot thinnings so you can eat them for snack?  With the hosepipe, of course.  Is it sensible to turn your back on three year olds with a hosepipe?  Absolutely not.  It’s a rare day I go home from work clean and dry.

Unscripted learning opportunity du jour: the passerby who came to show us the baby chaffinch he’d rescued.

Next week, at anarchist preschool, b is for (seed) bombs

Still can’t stop thinking about this morning. Must. Concentrate. On. Paperwork. Or it’s going to be a(nother) long night…



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4 responses to “a is for anarchism

  1. I love the guerilla gardening and even more the idea of seed bombs!

    Sorry that other parts were so grim, signal flag sounds like an idea – do you have a design in mind? Muchly love and hugs xx

  2. dawn

    Love the way that you’re bringing up the pre-schoolers! And what a lovely person to rescue and show you the chaffinch.

    So sorry that there were horrible things, deep breaths, think of the wall, stomp on the nasty bits and get the paperwork done so you have time to think about knitting and pretty yarn and fleece and dye and what a brilliant weekend it’s going to be.

    Much love and hugs x

  3. Gnome

    Your pre-school sounds SPLENDID and will clearly grow up to take over the world.
    Signal flags are a perfectly reasonable thing to have as a weapon against grimness. Baby chaffinches likewise a good weapon.

  4. Heather

    I love that your pre school does the thinsg little people should be doing. I may have worked for the enemy but we both know the paperwork is valueless drivel 99.9% of the time and adds nothing to the children’s learning.

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