form and function

Remember pixellated Scotland?

Well, it was lying around the house, doing nothing, so I decided to turn it into a cover for my new hot water bottle (yes, I really am that cool…)

The brown background is moss stitch, with stocking stitch colour squares.

I did the back as one big rectangle, with a particularly strokeable skein of alpaca/silk (thanks, Liz!) and crocheted the two together, then added a further double crochet trim (because I hate sewing up.)

It could do with a couple of tabs to go over the top, and buttons, but I didn’t think of this at Woolfest where there were buttons galore, and Cockermouth only had funny coloured buttons

I know it to be useful (yes, I realise it’s nearly 30 degrees outside, but this will not last, we’re in Derbyshire), and believe it to be beautiful, so that’s OK, yes?



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4 responses to “form and function

  1. I agree, it is beautiful! And while the mere thought of a hot-water bottle makes me groan feebly right now, it won’t be long before I’m filling one every night again….

  2. Never thought of crochet as alternative to sewing up! Might have to give this a try – would look fab on a chunky jumper, it seems to me.

  3. Liz

    That is a thing of beauty.

  4. Heather

    Pretty but I’d probably rip off my own skin if it was in my bed. However it will be warming you so that’s fine…

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