an evening at the Scout Hut (or flags, bats and peculiar shoes)

After dining with Antipodean Aunt Anne, we went to the Scout Hut, where there was petalling to be done.  I always get a little bit scared that doing this sort of stuff makes me practically local*.  Must. Resist. Assimilation.





See?  Flags are this year’s recurring motif- they’re cropping up everywhere at the moment.
Steve even has signal flags hanging from the Scout Hut rafters.

Nik walked in wearing shoes with toes.  I believe Jim secretly hankers after a pair of these, as he’s always going on about them. Ahem. Apparently, asking, “Please may I blog your feet?” is not normal behaviour.  Oops. Must try harder.

The Guides spotted a pipistrelle, which was very cool indeed.  It flapped, in a batty kinda way.

*Note for local people. The well dressing will be up at the Old Hall for the next week. The beer garden is also jolly good, and the weather forecast serendipitously fine. Go forth and admire!



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5 responses to “an evening at the Scout Hut (or flags, bats and peculiar shoes)

  1. Ah I may need to see if I can fit in a well dressing trip but only with sunshine…and the Attenbury Emeralds is finished and was excellent!

    Shoes with toes is weird! But go you blogging them.

  2. Pretty!

    My Little Owl has a fondness for her shoes-with-toes. Me, I think they’d be weird, but they leave great footprints!

  3. Gnome

    I think blogging those feet is perfectly reasonable for you have brought goshlookatthoseshoes to a wider audience.

  4. Fab well dressing!

    I am sure shoes with toes would drive me loopy very quickly. But they look like fun on other people!

  5. Wow
    I have never seen petalling before and you have a village games?
    I am now itching to try this!

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