summer dreams

I’m whingy melancholy tonight.  I’m overtired, but not sleepy.  There’s lots of things I feel I should be doing, but not a single thing I want to do.  And I can’t think of anything to look forward to.

June rocked.  I don’t know whether I made that quite clear enough, but it did.  Holidays and fun and yarn and friends and music and memories and light and just a buzz of creativity.  It went a long way to making up for the horrendousness of the first few months of 2011.  And I’ve been having a ball putting together the words and pictures for blog posts.

After three consecutive weekends away (two with the delightfully exhausting company of Other People’s Children), I guess I ought to be delighted by the prospect of a quiet few weeks at home.  But I’m horrified by the empty spaces in my diary.  All I can see ahead is two and a half more weeks of end of term stressyness (yeah, I am a bad mother; I can’t make costumes, and I hate Sports’ Days), and then seven weeks of sitting at home, feeling the walls close in on me.  The rational part of me knows this is entirely a choice, and I just need to get up off my arse and find things to do, but I’m just a little scared I won’t/can’t.

OK.  Whinge over.

This is me last weekend.  I hate having my photograph taken, so Katherine must have stalked me carefully while I was being distracted by clouds and light.  In profile, I look like my father.

Photo, K Thomas.

I’m dreaming of a Scottish roadtrip.



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11 responses to “summer dreams

  1. Ooh, hold on to that roadtrip dream 🙂

    I must check when my colleagues are on holiday, but I have annual leave in my favour and August is a quiet month for us…

  2. I am free next weekend or bits of the one after…[have just checked diary to ensure I’m not lying…and as long as it’s up to date I’m not]…we could do something, somewhere, with or without others? Which doesn’t tackle teh seven week blanks but we could probably fit something in then too/instead…

  3. Am sure I could fit something into a day or two in one of those weeks.

  4. Wrong direction maybe, but come to Charmouth! We can’t fit you all in the house but there are campsites –,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=ab90aaaebdbbd579&biw=1280&bih=610 – or indeed the floor of the playroom if you don’t mind sharing with Lego!

    • Would love to come and see you, and catch up and find a dinosaur. Will let you know. x

      • That would be fab! I am off work the week starting 13th August and away that weekend with Pete to avoid being home for the birthday we dare not name. But you are welcome any time other than 12th-15th Aug, we’re unlikely to be going anywhere else. Lots to see and do here, if a person were to need anything other than a beach. (Though Mary Anning may have beaten you to the dinosaur, sadly – have you read the childrens book Stone Girl, Bone Girl by Lawrence Anholt? Excellent telling of the story).

  5. Heather

    Come and visit anytime you like. I’ll show you my favourite beach the one it was too icy to go to in December.

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