Woolfest purchases and plans

A skein of yarn called Seascape, handspun by a delightful Scottish lady. It’s full of blues and browns, proper island colours. How could I resist? I don’t know what it’s going to be. Possibly a household pet…

Fabric with teacups and teapots. Genius.

Hemp. For knitting, not smoking or building houses. I’m really excited by this- it’s all pretty colours and shiny. Rough, though. I’ll have to work out how to soften it up. I think it will make a gorgeous light airy summer scarf.

More colours of Shetland yarn for fairisley stuff. The shade names are lochan and blaeberry. Perfect yarn porn.

Buttons for the cardigan which I seem to have been knitting for ever. I was very excited by it and did loads on the way to and from Tiree (twelve hours travelling each way = lots of knitting) but have since neglected it in favour of more thrilling and novel projects and weekends caring for other people’s children. What can I say? I’m fickle…

A silk thingummy. I believe I read a blog post once which showed you how to pick bits off and knit mittenses with it, and I thought that was kind of intriguing… only I can’t remember what or where or how…

Sparkly and shiny, like sunlight on waves. I cast these on practically immediately, I was so excited.

Laceweight alpaca. The label calls it jade, but I say it looks like New Zealand greenstone.

I wanted it to match this. I have a picture in my head of sinuously twining cables…

I desperately wanted to go and buy every shade of roving ever for wet felting, but I resisted. Please admire my moral fibre.



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9 responses to “Woolfest purchases and plans

  1. dawn

    I think it was a Yarn Harlot post about knitting straight from a silk hanky – and she was doing it in an airport….

  2. Wow, you got some lovely things…those colours are amazing.

    And you NEED to go and buy roving!

  3. Liz

    I was also going to post a link to the Yarn Harlot’s post! Let us know how you get on with it.

  4. Heather

    I’m jealous of the colours but as always except for the silk it is all itchy scratchy….

  5. I love that Green colour, and it is a gorgeous necklace!

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