Today I was tidying (shocking, I know) and attempting to declutter and musing, and I came up with a cunning plan or two. My house is mostly full of books and yarn, which is handy for insulation and entertainment, but we are a trifle cramped. I refuse to entertain the concept of Too Many Books, but there may be a small amount of Too Much Yarn going on. Or at least the wrong yarns. So, I need to use some up in a purposeful way.

I also found several cushion pads, so I thought I would have a great blog giveaway of cushions.

Leave a comment if you would like a cushion, and give me some kind of design prompt- words, pictures, colour, location, mood, Fairisle, cables, whatever you wish.  And I will then choose in some entirely arbitrary manner which ones I feel like knitting.

I also unearthed various shawls and scarves which I’ve knitted and not worn, and Big Girl says (correctly) that this is not acceptable, so at some point when there is light, I will photograph them and have a great shawl giveaway.



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22 responses to “cushioned

  1. Ooooh, I may be stealing someone else’s design prompt here, but how about ‘Pardshaw’ as a prompt? Colours, location, feeling, picture of the wall or view, or anything else that fits.

  2. And whether or not you want to make me a cushion (or someone else!) (or lots of people) I think it is a lovely idea of you and a great way to reduce the yarn collection so you have room to buy more.

  3. dawn

    OOOOHHHH – bounces excitedly in a Tiggerish manner

    I would love a cushion for the settee – but only if lots of other people don’t want (iyswim – I am quite capable of making my own at some point!). anything that will go with my bright red settee, which probably means anything other than red or not much red. I do love the one in the picture above, so a scrap cushion sounds fab.

  4. I would love a cushion for my new cosy armchair.

    Colours: Cream, terracotta
    Mood: Calm, peace, serene

    If you do decide to pick this one to knit, then thank you very much in advance! 🙂

    Absolutely loving your blog, by the way.

  5. Rosie

    I am not one of life’s cushion people, but I wish to add the prompt ‘cheese’. I want you to make a cushion about cheese.

    Much love, Rosie xx

  6. I would love a cushion (but feel bad asking for things when i fail at being creative back) but if I could have one then…

    purple and silvery grey = moody skies and hills and heather and possibly a glimpse of the sea

  7. Jackie

    Oooh – cushions are lovely – a camp theme would be lovely as an extra pillow, but if you decide not to then I might attempt it myself at some point (but if you decide many many many thanks).

  8. Oh I would *adore* a cushion. Prompt… rainforest! 🙂

  9. Sugar

    Ohhh I have been meaning to sort out knitting a cushion cover for yonks but just not good enough at knitting

    Colours: purple, greeny/blue -heather is the inspiration.

  10. I, too, don’t actually need a cushion, but it’s a lovely idea! Prompt: Scotland

    Oh, and there’s no such thing as Too Much Yarn, any more than there’s any such thing as Too Many Books!

  11. Well my current abode has a beachy theme (as well it should given that we can see the sea) with pale blue walls and I am just needing to revamp the cushions on my sofas (which you might not remember but they are dark green and don’t really go) … and if you were going to come and see us anyway … I would love a cushion!

  12. I think your cushion idea is fabulous! I did some cushioning with lots of fabric recently and found it wildly exciting. (I am resisting the temptation to cast one on in yarn now!)
    If I were to request a cushion (and I’m not jumping up and down and begging!!!) mine, like Helen P’s would be cream and terracotta to tie together my terracotta sofas, cream carpet and already well loved cream cushions!

  13. Liz

    I think you are right and it would make me itch. Make it for Nell so I can admire and covet it instead!

  14. I would love one, but am sadly without any specific inspiration, but if I said it was for my lounge of dreams with my old tan leather sofa, roaring fire and wooden floors, that looked like a throwback from the 1930’s does that help?
    And I love green and odd buttons

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