This is A, my big girl (I don’t blog her name, because it’s far too easily googleable, if that’s a word.)

I can’t resist photographing her. Despite the fact she seems to live in jeans, That Bloody Hoodie and her wellies at the moment, and she’s growing so fast that nothing’s in proportion, there’s something utterly captivatingly graceful and elegant about her.

I had to stalk her a bit. She’s so self-conscious about the eczema that she hides from the camera. That breaks my heart.

I love watching her run.

She has the most amazing morning hair I’ve ever seen.

She collects bunches of purple…

…thinks alpacas are the best thing ever…

…steals my nail varnish…

…collects buttons…

…sits on the wall and knits…

…and still wakes up frightened by dreams and has to be wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa to go back to sleep.



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10 responses to “portrait

  1. Heather

    She is lovely eczema or not. Nasty itchy misery inducing stuff.

  2. Rosy-Jess

    She is entirely splendid, your big girl πŸ™‚

  3. Katherine

    Next time it come up you are welcome to tell her I never noticed the eczema. (Unless then she’ll have woe that you blogged about it!)

  4. She is wonderful and smart and funny and clever and all together rather special. As is this.

  5. This is a lovely page – your photos have captured her personality so well!

    At her age, That Bloody Hoodie will be on her until the seams fall apart and then some, partly because it annoys the heck out of you πŸ˜‰

  6. She is amazing, and so are you.

  7. Gnome

    These are super portraits. Also, she is a jolly good thing.

  8. dawn

    Those do sum her up so well – and she is a fabulous big girl and I’m so proud of you for raising such a wonderful person.

    And at least TBH is a fairly reasonable one – Chris’s favourite one at that age was black with blood and stuff on it…

    • But so does this one! It is literally That Bloody Hoodie, pools of gore and razors from school musical of Sweeney Todd…

      • dawn

        So it does – tell how much notice I took of it
        Chris’s ones were band ones and tended to feature lots of blood and gore and skulls all over them.

        Mind you I can’t talk as my favourite Meatloaf hoodie has blood dripping down the back of it – my mother’s stopped complaining about it now as she’s just given up and sadly it’s starting to fall apart.

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