I watched Black Swan tonight, at the the Community Centre (our new celeb local, Edwina Currie, was there, and we disgraced ourselves in front of the Ladies of a Certain Age who constituted the bulk of the audience, by being unable to stop laughing after a mention of John Major, but that’s a whole other story entirely…)

I wanted to see this film when it was released, back in January, but was a little wary at that time because of the publicity about the self harm theme.  I was fragile.  My mental state was shaky at best, and my coping mechanisms tending towards the self-destructive.

When I realised it was on tonight, I dithered, but decided I would go, because I absolutely trusted my fellow filmgoer.  I did get twitchy with the blades and glass and scars and blood.  My fingers clenched into my own flesh a couple of times. But, you know, mostly it was OK.

I got home and found myself checking That Drawer, where the blades and dressings live.  Just in case.  But it’s all right.

My only problem now is that I have the theme from Swan Lake as a brand new earworm.



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2 responses to “scarred

  1. Liz

    I hope you continue to be ok *hugs*

  2. Heather

    I am impressed you managed to be fine. I was not because of my dislike of blood. My eyes were shut for lots of the film. I hope you stay fine. H

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