sartorial advice

Whilst we were stranded in Sheffield yesterday, I did succumb to a little sales shopping.  I bought this vest top.

I absolutely love the colour, but I can’t decide about the frilly business round the bottom. (In fact, what is it with all the frilly flarey business going on with women’s clothes these days?  It’s all a bit reminiscent of maternity wear for my liking…)  I’m contemplating taking the scissors to it.

Here I am modelling it* with what I consider to be great style and aplomb (ignore my manky shorts, I do not consider this to be an outfit that works, but I’d been attacking the garden all morning.) See, there’s a lot of hemline whoosh going on.

But it occurred to me that because of the way it’s constructed, I could actually chop off the entire wider bottom section without major needlework being needed. I experimented with tucking it up to see, and I think I like it rather better that way.

Honest opinions, please. Am I just deranged? Should I not be allowed out to shop by myself?

*I am training big daughter as photographer in an attempt to overcome my phobia of finding myself on the wrong side of a camera.



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13 responses to “sartorial advice

  1. I rather like the shape, I have a thing about longer tops at the moment.

  2. Liz

    Pretty top – I prefer the shorter version.

  3. Heather

    The photo is not big enough or my sight is not good enough to make a decision. Sorry.

    • Click to embiggen…

      N, my twopennorth – I like it both ways, so like others have suggested, you can just tuck it up as the mood suits you. It goes with the shorts 🙂

  4. That is really pretty and in my opinion it works both ways for different occasions – do your needlework skills stretch to enabling it to tuck up and button, or something, if you want it to? (I’m damn sure mine wouldn’t, but thought I’d throw the thought out there, just in case…)

  5. Gem

    I think it looks nice both ways so you should go for whichever’s gonna make you feel most comfortable 🙂 I like the style of the long but it looks pretty short too.

    (But I maybe have a weird sense of fashion cause I think it looks nice with those shorts)

  6. pim


    And it does so work with the shorts.

  7. Gnome

    I think it looks nice either way: does it tuck up securely enough that you can wear long or short as the mood takes you?

    Also, I feel you should have the length you prefer, regardless of the effect on the arse.

  8. Sugar

    Either way looks good but I prefer long and I’m with you on the frilly fashion at the moment though.

  9. Long. And it does work with those shorts. Very nice indeed.

  10. Catriona

    I like long.

  11. Stella

    After giggling like mad at the wording of the answers…is there a woman alive that isn’t paranoid about her arse?

    Long, but not because your arse needs hiding

  12. I haven’t voted because I am indecisive! LOL I have three tops like yours and I love them for work because I don’t flash my pants when I bend down/ sit/ crouch on the floor/ climb under/ over furniture etc etc. I am also unsure whether it makes my bottom look bigger or smaller! I would say leave it frilly but tuck it up/ into something if you prefer it!

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