our day out

I went to the seaside with class 2. Nobody said, “It’s bleedin’ borin’…”

Highlights of the day’s discussions included the nature of infinity, and whether the castle was small or faraway (truly, I overheard this and was charmed).

North Wales today was the colours of seventies postcards.

That looks terribly dull and architectural.  I have about 200 much more exciting pictures,  which show all the joy and exuberance of the day, but they are not for blogging due to Other People’s Children.

Fish and chips for 30!



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4 responses to “our day out

  1. Nell

    I like castles, they have pleasing lines and turrets and dungeons and things and exciting pasts and adventures so don’t think they are that boring – but am sure small persons make the others much more fun!

    And yay for sun and sea and castles and fish and chips. Sounds fabulous.

  2. Heather

    Oh wow I am jealous. It is over a month since i last saw the sea. Maybe I should take me on Saturday.

    Our you deliberately referring to the Willy Russell play…

  3. Heather

    Are even. I should not be allowed on the interwebs after midnight…

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