I can see clearly now…

… although the rain appears to have set in for the foreseeable future.  Welcome to the Derbyshire summer.

I’d seen the weather forecast and decided if I wanted to get out, it had better be early-by-my-standards.   There was only a spattering of rain beginning as I parked at the bottom of Mam Tor.

As I climbed up, I could see the clouds coming in over Rushup Edge.

Summit trig point.

Down the saddle (clouds advancing all the time…)

I got to Hollins Cross, and took the path down into Castleton. I always feel guilty adding to the erosion here, but it is Mine, and really the answer is for everyone else to stay away instead.

That path down was horrible.  My right knee crunched on every steep slithering step.

Flowers in the rain.

I stopped at the Visitor Centre in Castleton in desperate need of sugar, and admired my drowned rat look.

 This guy   had an exhibition of photographs.  I was seriously tempted to walk out of there clutching an A2 framed print, but was forced to acknowledge the impracticalities of this plan.  I’ll go back and look online again after payday though.  He has some amazing shots of my favourite places, particularly round Carl Wark and Higger Tor.  I love that I can picture exactly where he was standing for so many of those.

There were some truly astonishing crafts.  I was boggled by this piece, which cost £9.99.  I reckon ten minutes work there with waste materials.

By this stage, I think we could describe the rain as having ‘set in’… There was a headwind; my knee hurt; there wasn’t enough sugar in the world to stop the bad case of the knocks which had set in.  I decided to take the shortest route back to the car.  I crawled along for the next half mile or so.

Wet thistle.



Luckily, the sugar kicked in at last and I speeded back up the hill.

Clouds rolling off Mam Tor.

Fossils in the path.

By this stage I was drenched.  That’s this afternoon’s weather you can see…

Water streaming everywhere by this stage.

Back in the car.

Today’s moment of clarity was realising that it’s not rain I hate, or even being wet, but simply the rain on my glasses. This is just the worst thing ever, and makes me ridiculously cross. But there is a solution: I just have to bother to put contact lenses in. I got contact lenses (again, after about a ten year gap) in May, but I keep forgetting to actually wear them…


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