heard it in the playground

Sometimes the playground bitchfest truly dismays me.  I can’t wait to walk out of there tomorrow and not see some people for seven weeks.  A truly glorious prospect.


I suspect next year’s going to bring more bombshells.  I might get my preschool kids to dig a shelter.  And plant carrots on it, maybe…?

Also, how do I remove people who disgust me from Facebook?  I appear to be too tired to figure it out.





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3 responses to “heard it in the playground

  1. Nell

    Next time I’m on chat catch me and I’ll explain but I’m too tired to be coherent now…

    And enjoy being away from the playground for the summer!

  2. Completely remove them, go to Account top right of your screen, hit Edit Friends. Ta-da. Not to see their posts but not yet ready to defriend? Click on the cross in a post of theirs (top right) and select “Hide all by Person”.

    A shelter sounds a glorious prospect xx

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