too hot for cardigans

What do the cool kids do on the first day of the holidays?

I got very excited yesterday morning when the postman brought me a package of buttons and ribbon that I needed to finish off the cardigan I’ve been making for ever. (Alright, slight exaggeration, but I cast on in the car somewhere on the M6 as we drove to Oban at the beginning of halfterm, and the knitting was about half done by the end of that holiday, but then I let it go in favour of other projects…)

Pattern is Deco by the uber-talented Kate Davies. I dyed the wool myself, back on a rainy weekend in November (and sported turquoise hands for a week…) which accounts for the colour variation.

I agreed to model it.  OMG, that’s multiple photos of me on the wrong side of a camera this year. I’m even wearing a dress too.  Who knew that could happen?  Big Daughter criticised my footwear.  I see she’s cut my feet out of the photo to make her point.

Button and trim detail.

I really hate sewing.

Of course, even in a grey Derbyshire July, it’s too warm for wool, so it’s going away until cool Autumn days.



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13 responses to “too hot for cardigans

  1. Oh, how pretty – it really suits you! It goes well with your outfit, just like a proper modelling shot and everything 🙂

    BTW, what were you wearing that was deemed so unsuitable?

  2. dawn

    That is gorgeous! You could point out that all your footwear budget went on her pretty purple shoes….

    And I’m very impressed that you sewed trim on the back of the button band – that is real dedication!

    • She bought her own purple shoes! And it is (apparently) not that birks are wrong in a general sense, just she was annoyed I wasn’t wearing the turquoise sparkly flipflops she thought were a better match for the outfit…

  3. Gnome

    *trim-related flailage* Worth sewing for, no?

  4. Heather

    Very pretty.

  5. That is gorgeous and I love the ribbon trim! 🙂

  6. Katherine

    I like. And am giggling at the comment I just left on the foraging thread.

  7. Catriona

    It’s beautiful! You are so clever.

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