in (gin) veritas

I am at that gin induced point of exquisite misery and lucidity.

Trying hard for one week cannot turn around a relationship that’s been failing for years. I feel guilty that I can’t be bothered to try, because I just want out. Just want to enjoy life with my children, and move on. And I don’t ever want to get to the stage of angry and bitter as the friend I’ve just spent the evening with.

There has to be a middle way.

This is my boy and his dad, in the pub earlier.

I love this picture, because it shows how they fit together. We don’t fit together any more, but I can still be glad about the two of them. I wish he’d see that.



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2 responses to “in (gin) veritas

  1. What a lovely picture Nicola. In the best world you’ll end up like a venn diagram, each happy being separate and with your kids as the intersection between you. Just might take a while.

  2. dawn

    That is lovely – and yes it’s trying to get him to see that things have changed but can still be good. Many hugs

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