just keep on walking

Today I sorted out a plan that’s been knocking round my head for the last couple of weeks. While the rest of the family go to the in-laws in Pembrokeshire (How Not To Turn Down An Invitation: I’m sorry, but if I have to spend time together in a confined space, I’m afraid I might actually kill one of you), I’m going to be walking, up the coast from Alnmouth to Lindisfarne.

All by myself, at my own pace.

This is either an excellent idea, or a breathtakingly bad one: if it doesn’t sort out the mess inside my head, nothing will.

I am a little bit scared.

The thing about marriage and kids is that you don’t do things alone any more. I’m feeling the need to check that I still can.

I’m not sure what I’ll do if I don’t want to come back home…



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10 responses to “just keep on walking

  1. dawn

    That sounds a fabulous idea. It will give you time and space just to be and I know exactly what you mean about not doing things alone anymore.

  2. Gnome

    Sounds like a superb idea. Solitary walking is one of the greatest luxuries.

  3. Nell

    Sounds like a wonderful idea, I love that bit of coast line.

  4. Absolutely brilliant. I adore being totally on my own and I think you will relish it. (And you will want to come home, because you will want to see your children).

    Not absurdly indulgent – absolutely necessary I reckon.

  5. Catriona

    Northumberland is beautiful, and if you keep on walking you’ll end up in Scotland! Keep safe.

  6. Liz

    I think that is a wonderful idea 🙂

  7. Claire

    Would love to try that myself.

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