to dye for

It was the purple fingers that set me thinking…

…if bilberries dye fingers, they can dye other things too…

I couldn’t get this idea out of my head, so when we got home, I found this out of the stash. Bargain bin at Woolfest, £2. I knew it would come in useful…

Whizzzzzzzz in the food processor. Looks like a nasty accident.

I boiled it up and sieved out the solids. Then I did the exciting sciencey bit. I thought I’d just check (before using vinegar to fix the dye) whether bilberries are an acid indicator.  Original pinky colour in the centre. The one on the right has vinegar added, and is a brighter red. The one on the left had bicarb added, and it went DEEP MURKY GREEN.  I was ridiculously over-excited by that point. It is just like potions class, I told small girl. She looked as underwhelmed as only an eight year old can.

Boiling the yarn in the dye.

It ended up a softer more bluey shade of purple.

Yarn dripping on the line. I’m not entirely convinced the dye has fixed properly, despite boiling (sans vinegar…)

So now I just need to find the perfect knitting project for bilberry coloured yarn. It’s 100g of very soft organic merino, about 400 yards.



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2 responses to “to dye for

  1. Lynn

    It wants to be a scarf. Slightly lacy and maybe triangular.

  2. I just want to squish it! I think you should take lots of opportunities for squishing and stroking (once dried, not so nice when wet) until you decide!

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