out with the old

The only thing my poor exhausted children wanted to do this morning was stay at home. To say that I am Not Very Good At This would be an understatement. I go stir crazy within five minutes if I feel I can’t go out. I can feel the walls closing in. I acknowledge this may be at least partly due to the vile mess my house is in at the moment.
So I decided to tidy up…
My children began to look slightly scared as I hurled clothes, books and toys into binbags.

This afternoon, while the thespians were rehearsing, Iona and I delivered six bags and a large box of books to the charity shop. Result. I only marred things slightly by impulse buying a chair (justification: we needed it, it almost matches, it was only a fiver)

… and a few books (no justification possible, but look, aren’t they pretty?)



I may have to do more weeding out tomorrow to justify this binge buying.



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3 responses to “out with the old

  1. Katherine

    I hope you own or have read Lemony Snicket #1?

  2. Heather

    I am so jealous of the pile of Greyladies books. Why do they never show up in my charity shops…

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