the glad game

Weekends are hard right now.  Family theatre trip last night=7th circle of hell.

I sat on the still-warm rocks of Owler Tor earlier and watched the sun go down and it was all clear in my head, how the future could work, how we might all be happier.  And then I got back home and it all seemed muddy and miserable again.

Things I am currently being determinedly glad about (so I don’t drink the entire bottle of whisky):

1) That combination of foxglove and blue sky.  Can’t resist it.

2)  Sunsets.

3)  Beautiful new stationery waiting to be filled with Big Ideas.

4)   This cushion.  Separate post tomorrow if I ever get around to sewing in all the loose ends (there’s a metaphor lurking somewhere in there, but it’s eluding me.)


5)  New knitting I just cast on.  Love the pattern, love the colour, love the idea behind why I’m knitting it right now.



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3 responses to “the glad game

  1. Catriona

    Always good to have things to be glad about. (I love the cushion, by the way – gorgeous Highland colours).

  2. Nell

    Beautiful cushion, lovely colours and love the colour of the new knitting’s yarn! Well done on the glad things xxx

  3. Love the colour on that Posh. The names she comes up with are so apt.

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