landscape, abstracted

Yes, it’s another post about cushions.
This one grew out of Nell’s prompt of, “Purple and silvery grey = moody skies and hills and heather and possibly a glimpse of the sea,”  but it got kind of abstracted.  And I intended to use Derbyshire colours, but the Hebrides would keep on creeping in there whenever I took my mind off it.
I’m quite in love with this one, particularly the framing neutral shade, which is actually not neutral at all, but full of every colour you can imagine.  It’s Alice Starmore’s pebble beach, which allegedly contains 30 different shades (incroyable?) but it definitely makes all the other colours pop.  I want more, to see what other colours do alongside it.
I kind of love how the wrong side looks too.  I noticed last winter, shops were full of inside out Fairisle.

The cushion enjoys summer in the garden.

And close-up.



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9 responses to “landscape, abstracted

  1. Oh that’s beautiful

  2. Sugar

    Gorgeous, but I think I actually prefer the ‘wrong’ side

  3. Nell

    It’s absolutely lovely – who knew you could make something so beautiful from my few words!

  4. Gnome

    oh how gorgeous!

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