on our way (Limestone Way day 1)

Today was day 1 of The Plan.

We caught the train from Chinley to Hope and walked along the river to Castleton. Some of us then spent an inordinate length of time choosing sweets. The nice man from the sweetshop showed us how he made his fudge and fed us warm chocolate orange fudge. Yum. I covetted his copper fudge pans. I promised to bring a dozen Guides along on my next visit. My Guides like sweetshops…

Here’s our motley crew at the start of the Limestone Way. You will observe that my Small Girl had deserted us, favouring instead a sleepover with her best friend.

It was a very hot and humid day, and the path up Cave Dale was particularly trying. We were all very relieved when we got to the top and declared lunch time.

I don’t think any notable incidents occurred. It was simply a very lovely day to remember.

We got to Peak Forest with an hour to spare. The shop was closed (and possibly had been so for a decade or two…) The pub was also closed. That meant there was no tea. I had a very sad face.

I was amused by the sign at the bus stop.

Happily, our bus turned up at the stop round the corner. Precisely on time. We were astonished.

Stats: according to my handy Guide to the Limestone Way, Castleton to Peak Forest is a mere 3.3 miles, but I reckon the extras at both ends brought it up to about six miles. And it was very hot and sticky.

Stage 2, to Miller’s Dale, coming up soon, weather permitting.



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2 responses to “on our way (Limestone Way day 1)

  1. Glad the plans came together Nicola. Country bus timetables are a wonder in themselves – I regularly have to obtain obscure ones for my dad who has used this method for hundreds of miles of trail walking.

  2. Heather

    It looks lovely and you are inspiring me to see Derbyshire soon so different from the Weald of Kent and South Downs I am used to.

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