all going swimmingly

We love living in Derbyshire, because it’s full of delightfully photogenic vistas. Like Rushup Edge today:


It was not a day for walking the hills. There was the kind of drenching drizzle best described by the Scottish as a soft day. So we went swimming at Hathersage pool. This is what the pool looks like on a beautiful summer’s day.

This is what the pool looked like this afternoon. (Incidentally, pointing your camera at swimming pool whilst fully clothed- sure way to feel like some kind of pervert, or is that just me…?)

I kind of like today’s version. No worries with suncream, no queues to get in. My inner misanthrope was content.



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2 responses to “all going swimmingly

  1. Lesley

    That’s a lovely looking pool. Does it have blue walls to it – only having water that blue when the sky is that grey is unusual! 🙂

  2. Heather

    Lovely pool. Swimming outside is so special. I still mind them closing our lido. Is the pool chlorinated? I long for chlorine free swimming down here they add enough to kill HIV, Hepatitis and TB.

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