waxing lyrical

It’s all about finding a rhythm to move to, isn’t it? A beat which fits…

Swimming felt so very good today. There’s nothing like a couple of days (and nights) of wheezing away to make you fully appreciate the natural unforced rhythm of your own breathing. Just occasionally, in a pool, everything comes together, and I actually feel co-ordinated (n.b. this has never ever happened to me on dry land, in any situation.) Four beats. Pull, breathe, kick, glide. Simple regular common time.

Ebb and flow, wax and wane. I knew my Northumberland walk was meant to happen the day I checked the Lindisfarne tidetables and found the causeway would be open when I wanted to cross.

I’m loving my current knitting. It’s taking my mind off some of the other stuff. It has one of those fiendish charts full of incomprehensible symbols, but once you get into the swing of it, it flows. I’m counting 14s in my sleep, but that’s cool…

I cast it on during Saturday’s new moon; it’ll be finished by next week’s full moon*. It’s my own meditative space apart, knitting optimism into each and every stitch. Moon magic. It’s going to work. Sometimes everything fits together, harmoniously, naturally.

Moon setting over Ladder Hill this evening

Tomorrow, we’re continuing on the Limestone Way. That’s another breathing space for me. Out of the house, away from all the worries, and guilt, and conversations which go round in endless circles of frustration.

It’s going to be another good day.  Moving on.

*He looked at me as though I was mad when I told him that was what I was doing. That made it an even better plan, to my mind.


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  1. It is certainly wonderful when things do just line up and happen with ease. For some reason pushing NEVER seems to work (or if it does you’re just exhausted at the end of it). And I love the idea of knitting to the phases of the moon – you will have tides in your creation!

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