Limestone Way day 2

Today we were back on the trail. Bus back to Peak Forest, where we left off on Monday. The bus driver recognised us (obviously not many mad women and children walking the Limestone Way this week.)
Proper classic limestone dales today.
First Hay Dale, under a lot of cloud.

Then Peter Dale- weather clearing by this time.

Many kinds of purple flowers.



So many butterflies this year. Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of a butterfly fluttering by? Big Girl took this one for me.

Big skies.

Extremely dry dew pond.


Miller’s Dale viaducts.

Today’s goal.

Bloody Beeching. A cycle trail just isn’t the same.

The highlight of the trip for our many children turned out to be bouncing around the top of the double decker bus (who knew such things existed in Derbyshire?) as the driver-who-thought-he-was-doing-formula-one made it from Millers Dale to Buxton in record time. They were quite loud. Fortunately we were the only people up there.

And look now! My mini-me Big Girl planning the next section…

Apparently the buses to make this bit possible only run on Sundays and Bank Holidays… truly, who knew?



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5 responses to “Limestone Way day 2

  1. CT

    Would love to find out about your route sometime Nicola. Looks fantastic and one we’ve never explored x

  2. thepimwithacapitalt

    Excuse me, is that blue sky I see in the Shire? I think you photoshopped that… 😉

  3. Nell

    Love the photo of Big Girl planning and the whole idea of this walk. One day…

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