I am tired and overwrought. If I was a small child, someone would have sent me to bed by now. Sadly, instead, I am trying vainly to be The Perfect Parent. My children sense this weakness.
“Daddy makes quiche when we go on holiday…”
So here I am, making a bloody quiche, as well as the hundred and one other jobs on the list. (Nobody needs to point out the sheer futility of going down this route, I am all too well aware.)
He’s been sulking for three days now.
Because I don’t have enough to do, with my perfect quiche and all, I am currently filling the fridge with meals for him to eat while we’re away.
This is guilt, pure and simple.
One day, with luck, I will look back at this whole surreal summer and laugh.
Trouble is, all I want right now is someone to take care of me, and show a little unconditional love. And I’m hardly going to be running back home to my parents, am I?
Once this quiche is baked (to perfection), and the remainder of the list ticked off, I’m going to pour myself just one tiny G&T, pick up my knitting, and start working on that attitude again. The strong independent woman act. Because today has just eroded that facade right away.

Bloody hell. It’s overdone. Not perfect at all. How extraordinarily apt.



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9 responses to “overdone

  1. I make fruit cake when we go on holiday. Don’t even think about it!

    Go to bed!

  2. Nell

    Hope you got the G&T and knitting time to refocus. And that bed is now the order of the day.

    Enjoy the escape on the island xx

  3. Hannah

    That quiche looks awesome to me. Gin, knitting, sleep. It won’t seem so bad tomorrow. *hugs*

  4. dawn

    My quiches are usually much more overdone than that one is – it looks perfect to me.

  5. Catriona

    Only a wee, wee bit “sore-fired” (as my mother would say). Bet it tastes delicious.

  6. Never made a quiche since my teens, but yours looks fab, I would scoff it in a heartbeat – even though I think you should really channel Shirley Conran at such times!
    Will do my best to take care of you when you come to stay. Should warn you that unless told otherwise this will involve bringing you tea in bed in the morning as that is one of the surest ways for me to feel that All Is Right With The World. Just let me know what your particular foible might be.

  7. Liz

    The quiche looks great to me


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