black and white

We had some dull sort of days on Tiree last week, and I started messing around with the black and white setting on my camera (query for the more knowledgeable: does this actually do something different to taking the picture in colour, and then editing to black and white? I don’t understand…)

It was strange for me, because I’m normally all about the colours, but I couldn’t get those nearly-colourless images of Skye out of my head, particularly the silhouetted Old Man of Storr. I’m not particularly happy with these pictures, but I think it’s something I’ll be doing more of, working at it, to get better. It becomes a purer exercise, focussing your eye on the composition and the light.

And without colour, I’m not sure I recognise places with the same ease. I’ve been comparing colours all summer: Tiree, Derbyshire, Anglesey, Northumberland, Skye, and back again to Tiree. Each place had its own distinctive colour palette. I need to practise a new way of seeing.

I impulse bought monochrome yarns in Oban yesterday afternoon. We can see where this is going to lead…

(Curiously, nothing else about my life appears black and white, so I think I’ll stick to creating, and stop trying to find answers to the rest of it…)



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3 responses to “black and white

  1. dawn

    I love those photos – especially the top one. where was the wool shop in Oban please?

    • It’s on the main street you come in by, which is a one-way street, and the shop is on the right. It’s called something & something (helpful, non?), has a lot of Colinette, Manos, and some interesting Scottish stuff. The fish and chip shop across the road is excellent.

  2. Gorgeous images. The lack of colour brings out shape and light and contrast I think.

    There is a difference between taking in b&w and editing to it, but tbh I can’t recall exactly what it is. I think it is something to do with picture quality and how you get a higher quality image if you do all your edits at once as every time you save a picture you loose quality. However I might be wrong because I can’t remember properly.

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