small pleasures

I have been both intensely angry and tragically self-pitying (OMG, woe is me, for nobody has a life as terrible as mine) all week. It is not an attractive mix. The first glimmer of hope came this morning when a small person presented me with a large bag of plums from her garden (ah yes, see how I have them well-trained, I am The One Who Makes Jam…) So I went home and made jam this afternoon, whilst whingeing pathetically to a friend (I know I wouldn’t have had the patience to listen to me in that mood, I’d have told me to pull myself together or shut the fuck up) and eating cake. Because we all know cake makes everything better.

It is actually much more beautiful jam than that picture shows; it glows ruby red…

And then I surprised myself by actually enjoying my Guides. Don’t ever tell them, but watching as they grow up and realise who they really want to be and what they’re capable of achieving is one of my favourite things.

After that, I came home and cast on my new cardigan. Look! It is green! And cabled! And woolly! I honestly don’t think life gets much better than that. (When all else fails, and your marriage is going down the spout, seek solace in cables…)

Also, tomorrow, I am planning on leading an expedition to discover a bear at the bottom of the garden. Yes, it’s definitely the time of year for lying to small children…



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6 responses to “small pleasures

  1. Sugar

    What a gorgeous colour! Keep your chin up. x

  2. dawn

    I’m not surprised you’ve been angry and full of self pity this week – I would be too in your situation. And well done
    a) small person (and presumably parental of)
    b) friend
    c) you for coping and keeping going

    I used to love watching the link groupers grow up and realise their potential – almost better than seeing your own kids do it, because it’s a very different type of relationship

  3. Ohh that really is a nice green, I am rather a huge green fan too!
    Though I think that grass green is my fav or maybe apple green. lol

    Good friends listen when you are having a bad day/week/month thats why we love them 🙂

  4. Liz

    Ooooh lovely cardigan-to-be!

    Did you find a bear?

  5. I love the yarn you are using for this cardigan to be! 🙂

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