the great shawl giveaway

OK, confession time: my name is Nicola, and I knit too many shawls. Big Girl says I either have to start wearing a different one every day or Give Them To People Who Will. She’s probably right, so…

A quick search of the playroom/study/Wool Room (I like this as a concept) revealed quite a collection of scarves and shawls.
Photographing them was tricky, because it is so grey at the moment, but I will annotate with shape/ size/colour, etc…
1) Multnomah. Small triangle. I spun the yarn, and it’s very pretty and sparkly, but really Not My Colours.

2) Another small triangle. I dyed this yarn, it’s a silk and cashmere blend, so nice and soft. It’s a bit darker than this picture shows. Very deep blue-green. Going free to a good home…


3) Amoeboid semi-circley triangley shape (Damson? I think) Much prettier colour than this picture shows, mix of blues and purples with SPARKLE. Actually, I suspect big daughter has her eye on this one, although she’s too cool to admit it (we need to reclaim the word shawl), so maybe I should keep hold of it…

4) Another amoeba (it’s a very useful shape to wear as a scarf, because it wraps round, OK…?) Slowly striping in sunset colours. But again, Not My Colours, so needs to be rehomed… remember readers, a shawl is for life, not just for Christmas…

5) Small triangle (possibly Travelling Woman? I realised when I was knitting this pattern last month that I’d done it before at some stage…) Turquoise and grey alpaca dyed with coolaid, I seem to recall, from last year’s Woolfest.

6) Hitchhiker. Long sawtooth scarfy shape. This one actually has colours accurate. Free to a loving home.


7) Yet another amoeba (it’s a good shape, OK? It means the shawl actually sits on your shoulders…) Oh look, this one’s turquoise and self-striping…


This one I’m keeping, but I thought I’d show you anyway, because I feel very grown-up for having knitted it. Look, I am still excited by this- it does the Shetland shawl through wedding ring trick. Cool, no? Also, probably the best use for my wedding ring these days.




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9 responses to “the great shawl giveaway

  1. Hannah

    All very lovely! I especially like the first one đŸ™‚

  2. Katherinea

    4 is v pretty. My favourite is the one you are keeping though!

  3. I love the second one it strikes me as being quite 40’s in style though I may be wrong from the pic, I have to tell you I took Charlie out in his cardie that you made him today (I keep putting him in it and will see how much I can make it grow with him :))
    My friend admired it greatly to the point of asking where I had purchased it so she could buy one for her son! When I said it had been made for him by a friend of mine she wondered if you sold your wares professionally as it looked like something you would buy in Monsoon for a large price (thought it might make you smile, and give you an alternate career idea)

    K xx

  4. Liz

    You could always wear three or four at once and be the lady with shawls.

  5. Kate

    My favourite is 6… may I be the loving home? I’ll pay postage though, as it’s to Ireland…

  6. Rosy

    I am a little bit in love with the first one. A is a very sensible child in her suggestions!

  7. Jane

    I sort of have a similar problem (people wonder why I never knit for myself…)

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