I dread weekends these days.

I hate the whole fake family act.

I loathe that he tags along everywhere I go.

I despise and detest the woman I can see myself turning into if I stay.

Limestone Way day 3 tomorrow, if the weather plays. I’ve told him he is not invited, but again he’s trying to manipulate me through the children. I WILL NOT PLAY THIS GAME; I AM NOT DESCENDING TO HIS LEVEL.

I’m so fucking miserable right now.

Here, have a happy picture:

In honour of National Wool Week, small girl is knitting herself a scarf. It takes a lot of concentration. There appears to be an inherited predilection for turquoise and purple.

And I have been inspired to find a crochet hook and play around with patterns for granny squares.

Even pretty coloured yarn is not enough to cheer me up tonight.



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13 responses to “trapped

  1. Have been thinking about you, knowing weekends are the hardest. Hope you get away for your walk today. Don’t know that it helps but his behaviour reminded me of the stages of grief (, which can apply to any kind of loss, and I think he has a way to go – still swinging between denial and anger perhaps?

  2. Hope you get the walk you want.

  3. Nell

    Hope you get the walk! Can perhaps we meet one weekend?

  4. dawn

    Weekends are horrible when you’re at that stage – hope that today you did manage to walk without him (or if he did go hoping he got lost in a bog….)

    Many many hugs and much love

  5. Love your happy pictures – I hope you got your walk the way you wantedneeded it.

  6. Liz

    *hugs* Thinking of you

  7. thepimwithacapitalt

    Hope you got your walk 🙂

    (I miss you. Am home first w/e in November, be free on the Sat.)

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