today (Limestone Way day 3)

Today was so very much better than yesterday.

Today we walked from Miller’s Dale to Monyash.

Today it hardly rained at all, despite the Forecast of Doom.

Today, we found sticks,

stroked noses,

laughed at signs,

bought jam,

and watched the swallows swarm. Today was definitely an autumn day…

Today we wandered through beds of nettles and fashioned dock socks,

left signs for the pair walking too slowly at the back,

and hung out in the playground.



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7 responses to “today (Limestone Way day 3)

  1. That looks like the day you needed.

    Has the sweatshirt actually come off this summer, or is it now melded to her?

  2. Nell

    Huzzah! It looks like a perfectly splendid day xxx

  3. Katherinea

    £1 a jar! Blimey! I made beetroot chutney. it does not contains stones.

  4. I love that playground in Monyash! My nephews and nieces loved it too! Great chilli in the pub too!

  5. dawn

    So glad it was a good day.

  6. Heather

    It’s all rather like a girlsown book. I should comment on your lovely children – they are lovely but actually I’m quite taken with the donkey. I always thought I’d like a pet donkey.

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