joie de vivre

Some days you wake up (before the alarm) to blue sky and a fresh breeze, and you just know it’s going to be a good one…

A morning spent outdoors building dens.

A snatched lunch outside, sun on my face and the wind in my hair.

An hour of coffee and cake and laughter with a friend.

This enormous bunch of purple sprouting broccoli for 20p.

Proper English Coxes. At last… (I wait for this all year, more even than first asparagus or first strawberries- somehow the tart crunch of the first apples never disappoints)


Small Girl telling me all her thoughts without interruption from her siblings.

A glimpse inside That Boy’s head…

Another sunset. I can never see enough sunsets.



Filed under food, memories

3 responses to “joie de vivre

  1. What a lovely note to end the day! Thanks for that.

  2. Nell

    A lovely and beautiful post. Thank you x

  3. Lovely day 🙂

    Also: Boy likes penknife and fire (hurrah!), but a wide range of things too 🙂 lovely.

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