that Friday feeling…

… of impending doom.

I’ve only been home for half an hour, but he’s home too. And actually, it doesn’t feel like my home any more. I can’t do anything, or go anywhere, without being quizzed; I can’t invite friends round, because he just sits in to monitor the conversation.

This isn’t living (and y’know, I believe that one thing I do do, when I can, is to seize whatever opportunities come my way, and make sure I’m truly living my life.) It’s barely miserably existing until I can snatch some precious time without him somehow.

But this is how he wants things to be. He seems satisfied, content.

I thought I’d ended this all two months ago. Now I can’t see an end in sight.



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6 responses to “that Friday feeling…

  1. Jane

    He sounds like he’s behaving like an incredibly strict parent.


  2. No idea how you bear it, Nicola. I’ve always upped and left but without children to consider – only cats!

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