a room of one’s own

Walking into the first estate agents was hard. I slunk in there with a dark cloud of Daily Mail stereotypes of feckless single parenthood hanging over me.

The second estate agents illustrated the farcical nature of my life, as it was staffed by someone who will have broadcast every detail of our conversation to the entire school (nay, world) by Monday morning. I was sorely tempted to walk straight out again, but that wouldn’t have got us anywhere…

By the time I got to the third one, I didn’t care any more; I’d have told the poor receptionist my life story.

I can do this. Step by tiny step. But bloody hell, it’s tearing me apart at the moment.

Flags hoisted. I’m crying out for help, although I don’t quite know what it is I need. Distraction, mostly, I suspect…



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19 responses to “a room of one’s own

  1. Sending love, hugs, strength, and distraction in whatever form you need.

    You can do this.

  2. Kathryn

    Sending hugs and gin your way xxx

  3. clare

    At home (still marking!) if you need tea and chat

  4. Catriona

    We all know it’s not going to be easy but I think it’s something you need to do and I am so pleased you have made the first step. Do take care. x

  5. Well done, that’s a very big first step to have made! I haven’t been commenting but I am reading and sending all the good thoughts I can your way.

  6. Congratulations Nicola – you certainly can do it and you will. Maybe the loose tongued person-with-no-ethics will help by getting the word out for you and getting that part over with. Here’s to a happy reduced Parkin household making a fresh start super-soon!

    • Confidentiality is a concept that has yet to reach Chapel, as you probably recall…

      • Do you know I don’t remember that so much, more the lack of anything bright in the sky for approx 6 months of the year and the fact that if you said hello to people in the street they looked at you as if you had pulled a knife on them. One thing that seduced us into coming down here was that when we stayed for a week on holiday people would say hello to us in passing – we kept wondering what the catch was, but they are still doing it now 4 years on. And they stop to let baby ducklings pass and feel blessed for it instead of irritated. Don’t know what it is that gives a place its heart but this place has lots of it.

  7. You are amazing Coupey! You can do it..let me know if you need any assistance…

  8. aitchemelle

    When I read your Friday post, I wanted to tell you to go and look for somewhere else to live but knew it was a massive step! It takes a lot to do something so proactive to help yourself be happy. *massive hugs* x

  9. Katherinea

    Well done! And if employee broadcasts it left right and centre it will save you a job, I suppose.

  10. Well done. That first step is so important.

  11. Pat

    Well done. Just keep doing what you have to one step at a time. That’s all you can do at times.

  12. Stella

    Well done.
    I’m sure you’re not feeling strong enough to do it, but if it’s broadcast across the playground, I would complain to her/his* boss. ‘Tis a breach of Data Protection and/or your right to privacy under Human Rights. Nasty gossips are one thing, nasty gossips who have gained their material from customer data have put their employer in breach of the law.

    *just on the 0.9% off chance that it’s a bloke

  13. Gnome

    Well done.
    You /are/ a strong independent woman, you know. When you really need it it’s there.
    *lots of hugs and gin*

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