quilter’s block

Small Girl has been reminding me lately that I said I’d make her a quilt for her birthday and do I know it is only three months away…?

I’m feeling like a bad mummy already, because I have no inclination or enthusiasm for keeping this promise. My quilting mojo has been AWOL since February, and shows no signs of returning to barracks. Actually, my quilting mojo may only ever have existed for about three weeks in January/February. I’m starting to think it was just a phase, an aspect of the madness, maybe?  I did launch myself into it a little obsessively…

(Seeing as people enjoyed the slideshow: here, have another one showing the growth of a quilt. It’s dead easy, I promise, just a mouseclick and wordpress does it all for you automatically.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m sorting through my relatively meagre fabric stash, and a small pile of books, in search of some ideas. I have a sneaking feeling it’s not going to work, because you can’t force inspiration, and I’m just going to have to wait, and hope it strikes in time for a 9th birthday deadline…



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4 responses to “quilter’s block

  1. Look on pinterest, loads and loads of nice quilt ideas there. Here’s some – http://pinterest.com/arkyhelen/quilts/

  2. Have just generated a lot of spare pieces of fabric – lilac with a white stripe, very pretty – and happy to send it to you if it might make the beginnings of a quilt, but no experience with such things so don’t know if it would do.

  3. dawn

    don’t believe that!

    One of my friends had a book years ago about quilts you could make in a weekend – which at least would mean the agony wouldn’t last too long…

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