a tiny request

Dear Readers,
Please could you give some consideration to the possibility of having a baby in the near future?  Or if that’s impractical, maybe borrowing or stealing one*…   
I’m not really all that keen on very small humans myself. I find them far too noisy and needy, to say nothing of the bodily fluids involved, but I have some amazing patterns to clothe them in, a collection of lone skeins of yarn, and a burning urge to complete entire garments in a day and a half.
After I decided I didn’t like my cardigan, I accidentally cast this on:

I’d forgotten how addictive teeny tiny jumpers are.




*Actually twins would be even better: just imagine how much fun I could have co-ordinating colour schemes…



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9 responses to “a tiny request

  1. I do have a grandson, but he’s now in 12-18 month size, if not 18-24 months, so not as teeny tiny as all that any more!

  2. Didn’t take much considering before I chucked that idea over my shoulder! 😉

    You’re right though, baby clothes are the way forward for instant gratification knitting!

  3. Not intending to add to our family – one like Jonnie is plenty! I do have a cute niece, although she’s growing like a weed!

  4. Rosy

    Thinking about it. No promises. x

  5. Heather

    Find me a tall, dark, handsome, reasonably intelligent, kind man who both adores me and can support me and I will do my level best to oblige you…

  6. Well you could always knit Charlie another, he is wearing 9-12mths so not teeny tiny, but he still fits the other one you made! 🙂

    But no, I am still having weekly physio a week off his 1st birthday, another baby would probably break me, more than I could cope with, am borrowing in future now!

  7. my mother-in-law has a friend whose daughter is in hospital at 23 weeks trying to save her triplets! Can only imagine the depths of heartache involved for all concerned. If they are fortunate enough to need jumpers then they will be even tinier than usual. Myself I’m knitting Arans to send to Australia (seems strange I know but they moved south and now can’t cope with the ‘winter’) for the nephews and those grow real quick!

  8. Pat

    Think it’s a little late for that!! I have a grannaughter just started uni!!

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