it’s not working out

I’ve knitted one sleeve of a green cardigan, but I’m not sure I like it.  In fact, I’m fairly sure I don’t like it.  Love the yarn, love the pattern, but not loving the combination.

The yarn’s too thick for garter stitch and cables, isn’t it?  And/ or I may have knitted the wrong size in a fit of self-hatred.  Either way, if I keep knitting, the finished cardigan will clearly make me look a mile wide.  I’m feeling lumpy and hideous anyway, but this only accentuated the feeling.  I need the green cardigan to make me feel better, not worse, so I think this one is doomed.

I can’t quite bring myself to rip it out yet, but I’m off to search for another pattern while dinner cooks…



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4 responses to “it’s not working out

  1. I must admit that wool and that pattern don’t seem to mix. I do love the colour and I wonder if it needs something plainer or with smaller cables?

  2. thepimwithacapitalt

    The yarn is wrong for the pattern, I concur with your ‘too thick’ – it’d need a finer yarn for the cable/garter combo I think. But it is a proper gawjus colour *sigh*

  3. Heather

    Lovely colour but the yarn and the pattern do not go.

  4. I’m currently a fan of cotton for complicated patterns – gives a crisp finish with real definition. Made a lovely summer jacket with rico cotton in purple!

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