Because we all know that I Fail At Being A Girl…

What does one do to tame hair like this? It just goes frizzzzzzzzzzz….

Preferably a solution that doesn’t involve daily washing (bad for the eczema), or straightening. I’m thinking Product. Brylcreem..? superglue..?



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6 responses to “frizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. Heather

    The best solution is being really really good at blow drying. I am not but my hairdresser eliminates frizz completely that’s why I pay her a small fortune. On my own I find leave in conditioner helps. Also confining it – up plaited or similar and leaving it to dry naturally avoiding the dryer seems to combat the frizz a bit. Serums help too. I like an ELvive one but when feeling broke use the Boots expert one which is nearly as good.

    Also avoiding humidity and rain helps. A futile attempt in England.

  2. thepimwithacapitalt

    I use John Frieda’s frizz ease serum on my hair straight after washing and then plait it (with parting, it doesn’t brush back when wet!!) and leave it to dry of its own accord then just brush down any stray frizz that keeps trying to leap up as and when.

    Hats/headscarves are a lifesaver when the weather’s manky…

  3. Katherinea

    I would second Heather and pim. I blow dry with a heat protecting/shine spray. This definitely makes my hair straighter, smoother and shinier. I use either the Charles Worthington or the Tresemme one. (Tresemme do a small travel spray in Boots if you want to test). But I’d try the two above first as I’m not naturally frizzy – you’ll have seen my hair not blow dried.

  4. Stella

    Decent ceramic straighteners. The one and only thing that has ever tamed my hair properly. They’re so good I don’t need to straighten between washes.
    I can live without make-up, skirts, trips to a hairdresser… life without my straighteners is unimaginable.

  5. Rosy-Jess

    Thirding the Frizz Ease. Also shampoo for dry hair. Aussie hair stuff might suit her. Their three minute miracle stuff does what it says on the tin. My friend Gabriel who has uber curls says anything with coconut oil in it is also good.

  6. Gem

    Fourthing Frizz Ease. And blow-drying properly and on a lower heat for longer. (Also, if you have a hairdryer with a cold air function, use that after her hair’s dry. It’ll make a big difference)

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