something I’ve been wanting to say for a while

This thought was brought to you by a phone call from my mother, in which she managed to tell me that working with small children is, “Money for old rope.”


(And stop trying to drag my life down into the meaningless morass of passive aggressive misery where you dwell. I’m not playing any more. I’m too busy living.)

Big Girl asks, “When I am 37, will I say that to you?”



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6 responses to “something I’ve been wanting to say for a while

  1. Katherinea

    No, bothering to look after small children properly=complete waste of time. It’s not like you can make a difference to their lives is it?

  2. Hip hip hooray!!! Big girl may well not wait till 37 and then you will be proud to have brought up such an independent and strong minded young lady who learns so well by example!

  3. notsuchabaldie

    This post made me laugh out loud for ages.

  4. dawn

    Well done – and big girl may well say it, but in an under her breath way because you will be far too nice really to need it saying out loud!

  5. Stella

    Passive-aggresive misry? Hmmm, I smell NPD….and not in you. Which is why a) Big Girl will probably never feel the need to tell you to fuck off when she’s 37, and b) that you probably think you deserved it if she does.

    Well done for letting your eldest understand that what she does with her life when she’s an adult is her business.

  6. So very funny. I had a boss like your Mother until very recently. I resisted the temptation to tell her to Fuck Off…but she did get the point. 🙂

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