you raise me up

Big Girl and I went on a roadtrip today, all the way to Wales, (where we bought a little yarn, but that’s another story…)

We sang, we laughed, we texted the abandoned children an incomprehensible stream-of-consciousness.

We ate an unfeasibly large lunch. That was a single sandwich. Luckily, we are brave about such calamities and managed to eat it all.

We wandered around several country market towns (the sort where everyone is a Guardian reading, birk wearing, Green party voting, willow basket carrying postmodernhippy… I felt right at home…)

Candles in the deli in Bishops Castle. Spot the one in the wrong place that Big Girl then had to go back to rearrange.

When the temperature finally dropped, around five, we went and found some hills to climb.

Big girl defies gravity.

Sharing a pork pie on top of the Stiperstones, while the sun goes down. Every Saturday should be this good.



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6 responses to “you raise me up

  1. dawn

    What a fabulous day!

  2. Looks wonderful Nicola! It’s Malcolm Saville country and I want to go there SO much!!

  3. Gnome

    *flail* Am glad you could have the awesome and fab.

  4. Katherinea

    I have had that song in my head all day thanks to you.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day.

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