Over the weekend I knitted this one small hat. It was an unexpectedly educative process.

Here are the crown decreases, for those of you who like to know about such things…

I love the way this hat turned out. I made it up as I went along. It was quick and simple, the colours work together once the brown has intervened, and with a bit of luck it may even fit the intended recipient (and if not, there’s always steam shrinkage…)

It was also at least the 4th project I’d attempted to knit from the same yarns. I cast on and ripped out so many different false starts, and each new attempt was nastier than the one before. (I HATED THEM ALL, do you hear me? Actual fiery hatred. Those of you who saw me on Saturday afternoon will have witnessed my all-consuming rage at myself, my knitting and the entire world, because Autumn Was Not Behaving.)

I had this idea in my head that Autumn was beautiful and inspiring, and I had made one leafy autumnal project that I considered to be beautiful, and therefore I would go and be inspired by Autumn on Ilkley Moor and create more beautiful autumnal leafy things, and… it really didn’t work like that.

I still believe there’s an amazing Autumnal cushion cover lurking within that bag of yarns, but I’m going to sit back and wait for it to announce itself to me, rather than searching for it. In the meantime, I have a feeling I may be knitting stripey baby hats…



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10 responses to “lessons

  1. dawn

    that is a Very Nice Autumn Hat and much much much nicer than the squares you were trying to produce.

  2. Stella

    Well I’m pleased you took the trouble of posting the crown decreases, it makes a lovely shape, not unlike the closed shutter of a camera.

  3. aitchemelle

    I love the spiralling decreases and am envious of their neatness! 🙂

  4. katherinea

    I don’t think I am interested in crown decreases but I very much like the swirls. It is a very fine hat. If it’s too small, I will put C in the tumble dryer when K&D’s backs are turned, and claim it was the girls.

  5. That is an exceptionally fine hat and really not quite as it was described to me, “ludicrous autumnal hat with leaves on it”, conjures up something very different in my mind! Unless you are still planning to add leaves to it!

    My son thanks you xxx

  6. Crown decreases are surely the whole point of knitting hats? I mean yes, keep head and ears warm too, but…it’s so satisfying. Don’t ask me why I have two hats that were knitted straight and then grafted (both Urchins).

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